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We try to keep our schedules booked for 2-3 weeks in advance. This provides steady work for us, keeps us sharp, and maximizes our time. The jobs we undertake are scheduled with a strategic and logistical approach in hopes for the shortest travel times and maximized operation times within our project schedule. This preserves both time and resources, and it increases opportunities. [Disclaimer: we work any/all hours, any day of the week, to meet the needs of our clients.]

We do not yet have an app.

It will be accessible to contract clients and customers acquiring about a bid.

The idea for Pristine Power Wash was born from an intense passion for clean, well-maintained, and best kept physical structures.  

Send an email to info@pristinewashers.com with: a resume, 3 reasons why you would like to be apart of our growing team, and 3 reasons why you would be a good fit for our growing team.